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exploring the countless domains of life: public health advocate, biology and sustainability enthusiast, writer, and aspiring journalist & bioengineer

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Explore who I am

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  • Mossaic: a 501(c)(3) organization leveraging the pollutant sequestration trait of moss to reverse the damage of greenhouse gases
  • Motus: a fitness platform raising money through the crowdfunding of participating athletes
  • SCALE: a stage for driven middle school and high school students to seek knowledge from experienced individuals in different fields
  • Fly High: a platform that connects ex-tobacco users with current tobacco users to expedite the quitting process

More generally, I have tinkered in:

  • AI/ML: created an artificial intelligence model that predicts stock market trends
  • Neuroscience: collected handwriting samples from right- and left-handed individuals to study the dichotomy of the brain
  • Synthetic Biology: transplanted the luciferin gene into E. coli to observe synthetic bioluminescence
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I am interested in the intersections of several emerging disciplines. Some of my primary interests include:

  • Substance Abuse
  • Climate Change
  • Synthetic Biology
  • Data Science

I also love stamina sports such as running, rowing, and swimming, and I leisurely read, journal, hike, and practice calligraphy :)

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Grade: 12

School: James Logan High School

  • Me
    Fatima Khawaja

    Fatima is a high school student with a spectrum of interests. She has spoken on the California Youth Leadership Summit panel, given a Ted Talk, written a book, and diversified her influence in other spaces. Fatima is currently a researcher, working in parallel on public health and environmental ventures. 


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