fatima khawaja

exploring the countless domains of life: athlete, synthetic biology enthusiast, sustainability fanatic, journalist, and aspiring neuroscientist & data scientist

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founder of

  • mossaic: a 501(c)(3) organization leveraging the planting of moss in public spaces to reverse the damage of carbon dioxide 
  • motus: a fitness platform raising money through the crowdfunding of participating athletes
  • SCALE: a stage for driven middle school and high school students to seek knowledge from experienced individuals in different fields


  • AI/ML: created an artificial intelligence model that predicts stock market trends
  • neuroscience: collected handwriting samples from right- and left-handed individuals to seek the dichotomy of the brain
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my passion extends beyond one or two fields, rather, I am interested in the intersections of multiple emerging disciplines.

some of my primary fascinations:

  • neuroscience
  • climate change
  • synthetic biology
  • data science

I'm primarily a fan of stamina sports:

  • running
  • rowing
  • swimming

however, I'm also enthused by badminton, ping pong, and weightlifting

on the recreational end, I leisurely

  • read
  • journal
  • do calligraphy (is there a single-word verb for that? letter?)
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grade: 10

school: James Logan High School

relevant coursework: 

  • AP Biology 
  • AP World History
  • H/ Pre-Calculus
  • AP Computer Science A

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    Fatima Khawaja

    fatima is a sophomore located in the SF bay area with varying ambitions and a spectrum of interests. her initiatives entail mossaic, motus, and SCALE in the broad fields of sustainability and education. she has spoken on the California Youth Leadership Summit panel, given a Ted Talk, written a book, and diversified her influence in other spaces. fatima is currently a researcher at Cal State East Bay and UC Berkeley, working in parallel on both mathematic and synthetic biology expeditions. 


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